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To be honest, I don’t know that much about professional rejection. Yet. As an individually who desperately wants to write, I should start preparing myself for a host of nos. My initial thoughts on how to do that? Once the said no is received, eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, watch a Nicholas Sparks movie, and then improve my writing skills to get more yeses. And my thoughts were in that order too. Oh dear. Anyways, imagine my shock when I find this article on LinkedIn about a man who is actually asking to get rejected in order to grow a thicker skin. His project involved 100 days of rejection, each day asking someone a normal to semi-crazy request in the hope that with each no, he would get better at accepting this response but also increase his drive to earn the yes. Brilliant. Seriously, seriously brilliant. And talk about motivated! Jeez, I’m feeling a little insecure here. Thus the serious need to work on accepting rejection in the most graceful and professional manner possible, on my own terms.

Today’s post is short, but really all I have to say is that I’m going to hear a lot of nos, and you probably are too. But if we work hard enough and get past those rounds of rejection, we could potentially find ourselves right where we want to be, on the end of an offer where the employer is asking us to say yes.


Julie Query