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Today in one of my classes, a guest speaker said, “All successful people have mentors in their lives.” He is very, very right. As someone wanting to pursue a career as a novelist, I originally thought it would be an individual profession, done solo. How wrong I was; now it’s senior year and I am networking like crazy, trying to meet people from all different walks of life as well as tailoring my job search to the things I really, really want. I guess today’s post is about two things:

1) That it really is about who you know, and 2) You have to want what you want really, really badly, and in addition to that, you have to work work work for it.

I have several mentors in my life; some I have a closer relationship to than others, but they’re all immensely helpful and mutually fulfilling. You don’t have to have a mentor in your field, but you do have to have someone who can call you out on your weaknesses and mistakes, who at the same time can offer you the most support when you need it.

Mentors are everything. Work is everything. My writing should be a product of the two.

Best wishes to our future endeavors,